Storage Services

In the event you have decided to move and wish to vacate your present premises but have not yet finalized on the new premises or wish to take up residence or occupation after some time, then you need not worry about where to keep your belongings in the interim period. In addition to logistics we also offer warehousing and storage facilities.

At Best Movers of America, we offer excellent storage facilities that promise optimum safety for your belongings—domestic, commercial or industrial. If you are tired of looking for more storage as your present storage partner has limited warehouse capabilities or if you are tired and sick of fighting storage facilities that keep damaging or losing products, then you have come to the right place. Apart from homeowners we also serve the commercial sector where requirements can be specific and range from simple to more demanding.

Services at Best Movers of America starts with offering you a simple warehousing storage space. This means we simply provide a secure and safe area to store your goods.

Going one step further we will store your product or items and act as your local distribution center, dispatching quantity ordered out to a particular destination, duly packed and sent through courier. Periodic reports are sent to client about the status of stocks in storage. Backend inventory and accounting on a computerized basis is done in this case. Ask for more details on our warehousing and distribution solutions. We harness modern inventory management techniques integrated with computers so you have information at your fingertips and service through a phone. Can things get more simpler? Our staff makes it all seem so easy.

The facilities we offer at our warehouses are at par with the best in the industry. Our secure and climate controlled facilities are located close to major markets. At our warehouses, we use only the most advanced bar coding technology. Every single item that enters and exits our facilities is electronically inventoried and scanned. Facilities are backed by expertise of staff and their courteous friendly attitude to serving customers. Simply call us to find out how we can partner a profitable or a comfortable or a hassle free solution for you when it comes to storage. Get a quick quote >>


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