Moving Tips

One key factor that ensures a smooth and seamless relocation is organization. Our years of experience has helped us formulate these moving tips that can help you to a great extent as you prepare to move either locally or long distance. Our tips will help you plan and organize your next move in the most effective manner. Any time you want to move, you can take the help of our representatives who will be happy to answer any questions and offer helpful solutions related to relocation.

Here are a few moving tips and a few important aspects to consider if you are planning on moving on your own:

• Remember to start your packing early in the day to keep the process stress free and more organized.

• Make sure you have enough stock of packing supplies such as newspapers, bubble wrap, moving boxes, plastic totes, packing tape and packing foam. When it is time to start packing, anything you may collect in advance will really be of help.

• Donate or sell unwanted items. By doing this you can save a lot of time in digging out boxes to find out what they contain when you unpack. Lighter the load, easier will be your packing and shorter loading and unpacking time.

• Mark all moving containers along with their contents. Here again you will save a lot of time trying to figure out where the items from your boxes should go in your new home.

• Make a list for mortgages, bills, credit card, auto leases/loans and cell phone accounts.

• Make a similar list of utilities you must contact in order to set up final bill details and end of service dates. Similarly keep a list ready for start of service at your new residence. As you make arrangements, be sure to strike off each one in the list.

• It is highly recommended to move during week days as this is when essential services such as government offices, banks, tow services and mechanics will be available with ease in case you encounter any problems and require assistance.

• China must be wrapped carefully in layers of news print paper before packing in boxes and sealed tight with packing tapes. Using polystyrene foam is also advisable for china and glass articles.

Be sure to keep all your valuables separate from other items. Separate well in advance items such as family heirlooms, jewelry, paperwork documents and keepsake photos you want to carry in person. If there are any pets, it is imperative to make prior arrangements for their moving and also plan on where to keep them during the moving process.

Now you can do all of the above all by yourself. This will take up your precious time and resources and leave you a harried man. Or, leave it to us. As we have stated, our dedicated staff will do all the packing under your supervision, giving each item the care it deserves, lift it, load it, transport it and finally unload it. Simple transporters simply unload packages at your doorstep. You will have to carry it in, unload it and reposition all items. So when you consider that all this can be done by us while you simply give directions, just think how easy it becomes for you. That’s how far we can go for our clients.

Pack as much as you feel like or take as little as you want. We are here to help make the process simpler and easier. Just hand over the responsibility to us and our expert professionals will do an impeccable job. You can be sure that all your belongings will reach the destination in their original condition on time.

We are here to take the load off your shoulders. Just allow us to relieve you of the tension of moving and enjoy the experience. Get a quick quote >>


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